My character: From Initiate to Leader

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My character: From Initiate to Leader

Post by 11Birdy on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:25 am

This is mine:

Name: Birdy Fagins
Age: 22
Gender: F
Rank: Dauntless Leader
Original Faction: Erudite
Faction Transferred To: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Results: Dauntless
Personality: Not afraid to kill, wild and tough, likes being leader, more than a little greedy
Appearance: Grayish blond hair, olive green eyes, pale skin, no freckles, dark circles around her eyes.
Love Interest: Gale Taylor
Family: All still in Erudite

For Dauntless Only:
Fears: Being burnt alive, being kidnapped by faceless men, dying all alone, being kicked out of Dauntless, being attacked by giant spiders
Combat Skills: Wrestling, defense, knife throwing, left-hand gun, right-hand gun, and punching


Faction : Dauntless

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