Rules Of Our Website

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Rules Of Our Website

Post by 11Birdy on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:02 am

Site Rules:

1 ) Do not be overly violent
2 ) Do not use swear words
3 ) Your characters can kiss and make out slightly, but don't do anything more than that
4 ) Create your character and WAIT for it to be accepted BEFORE you role play
5 ) Do not play other people's characters
6 ) Do not threaten people
7 ) Listen to the admins and mods
8 ) Use your best grammar
9 ) Do not double post
10 ) Report suspicious behavior
11 ) You may only have 3 characters per account, and they must be in the same faction!
12 ) Only people at Level 100 can have divergent characters!
13 ) If you took the test and it said you were divergent, but you can't make your character divergent, go with whatever faction was highest.
14 ) Make sure you have read ALL of the rules, and you UNDERSTAND them.


Have a question about the rules? Think somethings unfair? Click "Messages" and message me! I love suggestions!


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